Vertical laminar flow cabinet

HEPA filtered vertical laminar airflow (down flow) creates an ISO 14644-1 (Class 5) work area and prevents ambient air entering the work area, ensures product protection.

Create a class 5 work environment for non-hazardous materials

Telstar vertical clean benches ensure optimum product protection with HEPA filtration. Heavy duty construction and reliability make them convenient in the long term for all sectors of application and environments. Vertical laminar flow cabinets can be made in special sizes and can be customized to suit particular applications.

Special models have been developed to create the optimum work environment for PCR (polymerase chain reactions) and for lab environments. Down flow booth models are available that work fully with recirculated laminar HEPA filtered air (Telstar V-100) or partially recirculated laminar HEPA filtered air (Telstar V30/70).


  • Heavy duty construction and reliability
  • Available in different sizes
  • Adaptable to specific needs

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