Ultrafine air classifier

For ultrafine classifying operations of mineral fillers such as limestone or calcite, dolomite, talc, baryte and perlite, and in the ceramics industry for the classification of quartz, feldspar and kaolin.  The results are superfine powders in the range d97 < 2-20 µm.

Ultrafine classifying for superfine powders

The ATP Turboplex from Hosokawa Alpine is an air classifier for ultrafine classifying operations, obtaining with this superfine powders in the fineness range d97 = 5 to 10 µm; with the NG model, finenesses of d97 = 2 µm (d50 = 0.3 µm) are possible. The horizontal arrangement of the classifying wheel reduces wear even with abrasive products and guarantees a long service life.

The ultrafine air classifier operates across the entire separation range without oversize particles and ensures a high yield thanks to the integrated coarse material classifier, which also increases the cut point. With Turboplex multi-wheel classifiers, several horizontally arranged classifying wheels of the same diameter are driven separately. The common speed control is achieved via an adjustable static frequency converter.


  • Wear-protection lining prevents excessive wear
  • Modest space requirement
  • Sharp top size limitation
  • Stable operation even if the feed rate fluctuates
  • Vibration-free

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