Tube unloader and feeder

The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries utilise high speed tube fillers on large-scale production lines. Automated tube unloading and feeding systems that operate with high speed and accuracy are required to supply the tube fillers with a constant stream of empty tubes. The flexibility to handle all types of tube material and to quickly adjust to a variety of sizes and shapes maximise efficiency and increases uptime.

Ultimate high capacity and high speed tube feeder

The IWK TZ Tube feeding system consists of four machine variations and two sizes. When used in combination, this high-performance system is capable of supplying up to 300 empty tubes per minute to feed the highest performing tube filling machines.

The TZ Series can handle tubes of diameter 12.7 mm to 60 mm, and input cartons up to 650x600x265 mm.

The TZ uses it’s own transport conveyor, onto which boxes are manually placed which are loaded with empty tubes with open ends facing up.

The high speed system uses mandrills to pick up the tubes, from where stripper rakes deposit them on the conveyor and into the filling machine, emptying the input boxes row by row.

Simple to use human/machine interface makes product changeover simple. The operator only has to select the relevant program and new values are set automatically. The pickup mandrills and stripper rakes are changed for the appropriate sizes and operations can begin again. This reduces the downtime associated with changeovers.

The TZ system is fully self-contained with its own drive system, and can be operated standalone unit with an associated filler machine if required.



  • High capacity of up to 300 tubes per minute for high efficiency
  • Built-in drive system allows standalone operation
  • Rapid and simple product changeover via HMI input
  • Four different variants in two sizes to suit your exact requirements