Tube feeding unit for high volume and high speed tube filler

High performance tube-filling machines are used for large scale production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Automated feed systems must be able to match the high throughput speeds of the filling machine whilst maintaining perfect feed of the empty tubes to minimize downtime associated with jams or obstructions. They need to store an adequate number of tubes to reduce time spent refilling.

Extensive uninterrupted tube feeding for high speed tube filling machines

The IWK TZF is designed to reliable feed empty tubes to the highest speed filling machines. Capable of handling all tube types, the TZF can supply up to 220 tubes per minute on a continuous basis with diameters of 10 mm to 63.5 mm.

To meet the demands of high speed filling machine, the TZF storage magazine can handle the contents of cartons up to 600x600x265 mm, keeping time between refills to a minimum.

Tubes are manually loaded into the TZF magazine where they are then carefully and gently aligned into a single continuous row to be fed into the filler.

A dedicated sensor monitors the minimum/maximum fill of the magazine as a backup to the highly visible transparent unit.

The TZF tube filler has its own drive system and can be used as a complete standalone unit if required.



  • High capacity tube magazine reduces number of refills
  • Effective yet gentle separator and alignment system
  • Feeds up to 220 tubes per minute to keep pace with the fastest tube fillers
  • Self-contained drive unit means standalone operation if required
  • Backup sensor alerts when minimum/maximum fill levels are met