Tube feeder for a small scale production tube filler

Low speed tube-filling machines are used for small scale production lines in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Traditionally low speed machines relied on manual feed of empty tubes, slowing the production process and using additional human resource. Automated feed-in systems can greatly improve efficiency by delivering empty tubes instantly and accurately to the filler machine input. Loading systems are available in a variety of formats, including the hopper feed.

Low-cost manual feeder with anti-jam features

The IWK TZT Tube Feeder has been designed specifically to accurately feed tubes for slower speed automated fill machines operating at up to 90 tubes per minute maximum.

The TZT uses a tube storage hopper fitted with a fold down front panel which makes the manual loading of empty tubes quick and easy.

Able to feed tubes made of any material and of diameters from 11 mm to 60 mm, the TZT features a rapid changeover feature, meaning that changing tube size only requires resetting the rear panel and replacing a small number of size-related parts. This minimizes downtime associated with product changes.

The TZT features a highly effective separating rocker device that preventing tubes from jamming in the storage hopper. An additional pusher assembly then ensures that the tubes roll safely onto the feeder chute into the tube filler.


  • Low cost solution for slow speed tube fillers
  • Quick and simple size change for maximum uptime
  • Effective tube separator mechanism minimises tube jams in the hopper
  • Simple and quick refill
  • Capable of working with all tube materials and a wide range of diameters

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