Stand-alone ultrasonic food cutting machine

For some foods such as cake, pizza, sandwiches or ice cream, the end product is not always as precise as desired with a traditional cutting machine. Ultrasonic food cutting machine provides cutting precision even for small-scale manufacturers wanting to optimize this part of the production process.

Clean and accurate ultrasonic cutting for various food products

Cheersonic UFM5000 is a cutting machine with ultrasonic technology used in the food industry. It’s mostly used for products such as cakes, bread, pizza, sandwiches, cheese and frozen products. This ultrasonic cutter is composed of a transducer, a device that converts energy from one form to another, in this case ultrasounds in vibrations. The vibrating component plays a key role in the process, because it prevents the product from sticking to the blade. Four cutting modes are provided: round mode, slice mode and two rectangle modes (square and triangle cuts). The food product is positioned on a large plate above which the ultrasonic blade is located, which will cut the product as it moves up and down. The cutting product is positioned and cut according to pre-entered parameters. Cutting speed can reach 60 cuts per minute. It’s possible to cut several products without changing blades.


  • FDA certified
  • Reduction of food waste
  • Cutting blades have a self-cleaning system
  • Four different cutting modes

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