Small Scale Industrial Jam Cooker

Production of marmalades, jams, fruit concentrates, and sauces requires multiple steps. These jam production steps include cooking, concentrating, candying, and pasteurization. Using an all-in-one system that can automatically perform these steps simplifies production and minimizes the footprint of the production line.

Cooking, concentrating and pasteurization of fruits and vegetable-based products

The BM30easy, from Frigojollinox is a 3-in-1 marmalade processing system equipped with a tank that can perform cooking, concentrating, and pasteurizing of fruits and vegetables to produce agri-food preserves. This piece of equipment is perfect for small batches, no matter what jam recipe you’re following. Vacuum cooking can be performed as low as 50 degrees Celsius at shorter times to retain the natural flavors, color, and aroma of the products. Cooking at atmospheric pressure can go as high as 140 degrees Celsius. Food processing has never been this simple!

The unit also comes with a perforated basket with separate shelves that can rotate at variable speeds for even distribution during candying process. The system features stainless steel materials with a non-stick finish that prevents the products from sticking at the bottom or wall of the tank. The function is similar to that of a jacketed kettle, however, the BM30easy has many more features and is designed quite differently. The system can also perform automatically by setting the parameters through its touch screen control panel or through remote control via smartphones and tablets.

Simply add your fresh fruit, along with your choice of fruit juices and let the machine take care of the rest. From start all the way to the end, where you’ll be presented with filled jars containing your favorite jam recipe. Including strawberry jam, apricot jam, peach jam and literally any other type you can think of.


  • Can perform cooking, concentrating, and pasteurization (3-in-1 system)
  • Automatic electronic valve system for safe operation
  • Tank capacity of 35L; Production capacity of 75 pieces of 212mL jars/cycle
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Smaller footprint in the production area

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