Slugging press for extra-large tablets

When producing tablets, quick and easy format changeover is essential to make tablets of different sizes and shapes. In addition to production flexibility, simplicity in operation and accuracy make an eccentric press ideal for creating a variety of tablets from powdered ingredients.

Easy-to-use press for small and medium productions of tablets

The Eccentric Press BE30 from Eurotab Bonals is a simple pressing machine that is used for numerous of applications, such as pharmaceutical tablets, detergents, food supplements, minerals etc.

This unit has a maximum compression load of 300 kN and has three speeds at 19, 24, and 34 strokes per minute. It can be equipped with a single or multi-tip punch depending on production requirements. It has an easy format changeover and can produce tablet sizes of up to 76 mm in diameter.


  • Three speeds at 19, 24, and 34 strokes per minute
  • Can be used for various applications
  • Can produce different tablet sizes and shapes
  • Single or multi-tip punch
  • Easy format changeover