Eccentric press for refill tablets

Hundreds of different refill tablets, of various shapes or sizes, are on the market today. To get a range of soap, shampoo or lotion tablets, the powdered materials are pressed into the desired tablet thickness and size. However, the format changeover can be really costly and time-consuming for the producers.

Small and medium batch press with a quick format change over

The BE40 Eccentric press from Bonals is a press machine for producing different types of tablets such as homecare or cosmetic tablets. It features single or multi-tip punch technology. The BE40 can produce tablets of up to 400g due to its large die diameter and high compression force. In addition, it has an automatic coupling with a braking system which makes work easier. Changing the format is quick and easy and can be done in less than 10 minutes.


  • Powder aspiration system
  • Quick change over, less than10 minutes
  • Easy adjustment of compression speed
  • Minimal powder waste
  • Small and medium batch capacity