Semi-automatic forming and sealing blister machine

As a producer of light bulbs, the packaging is a critical factor in preventing damage to the product. When transporting light bulbs, packaging must not allow the product to move around. A tight and sturdy packaging is also an excellent protective barrier between the product and potential buyers taking the light bulbs from the shelves when shopping around.

Forming and sealing blister packaging in the same cycle

The Universal by Tommy Nielsen is a semi-automatic blister packaging machine that can form and seal the blister in the same cycle. It is suitable for consumer products like light bulbs, hardware pieces, stationery products, and pharmaceutical products like syringes, tablets, and capsules. For example, a plastic film, PVC, PETG, or APET is conveyed forward from an uncoiler while being heated during the process. The blister is pressed into the mold and then sealed together with the lid or aluminum foil. The heating temperature is adjusted to suit the material in a semi-automatic operation. Almost all heat-sensitive lid materials are compatible, such as cardboard, plastics, and aluminum.

Depending on the model, the machine can handle packaging sizes up to 1.500mm. The production capacity ranges from a few test packages to more than 1 million packages, making the device suitable for production and testing. It is possible to either have one or two heating plates. There’s a model of the Universal blister packaging machine available that is designed for medical packaging. This version uses stainless steel, has no free blow-off from valves and cylinders, and is built with calibrated components.


  • Blisters are produced the same time they will be used
  • A two-in-one solution for forming and sealing
  • Same production capacity as with preformed blisters