Seed Coating Machine With Integrated Dryer

Seed coating, also known as seed dressing, refers to the covering of seeds with external fluids, biologicals, chemicals, dry powder and solutions to protect the seeds, enhance germination and improve immunity. A common challenge for this process is that these materials may spill. Thus, in order to optimize the treatment process, it is essential to use equipment such as a seed coating machine that will reduce the workers’ exposure.

Boost Productivity With an Automated Seed Coating Machine

Designed by Seed Processing Holland , the RDC’s (800 – 500 and 300) are advanced high speed seed film coaters with an integrated dryer. It simultaneously coats and dries agricultural and vegetable seeds, applying a higher percentage of liquid to allow direct packaging of the seeds once the process is completed. Furthermore, this seed coating machine uses a high-grade film coating formula and pays special attention to the drying speed, film formation and coverage. To ensure an optimal process, the unit controls the seed temperature. It also features a special rotating movement that helps achieve an equal and even seed coating. It is also worth mentioning that to increase the success rate of seeds coating, it is highly recommended that the seeds go through a seed cleaning process beforehand.

Moreover, the air humidity and temperature of the airflow created during the dressing process are adjustable, enabling operators to regulate and control the entire process. Since it’s a closed system, it’s also suitable for insecticides and fungicides applications.

The RDC 800 boasts a window and lighting in the cover, so you can control the process visually as well. Its modular design further makes it easy to clean, while its nickel-plated coating chamber protects it from excessive wear. The nickel-plating helps even more than stainless steel to protect the machine from corrosion.

Lastly, the RDC-800 has a capacity between 20 and 52 litres of seed per batch and is ideal for vegetable, grains, and flower seeds for large scale operations. Users can pack the output as soon as they are discharged.


  • Seeds are coated and dried in a single process
  • Ensure an uniform seed distribution
  • Incredibly easy to inspect and clean
  • Accurate, controllable, and safe system

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