Seeds blowing machine for separation

When separating seeds from other light particles such as dust, husks, and straws, the quickest way to accomplish this task is to apply high-pressure air to remove unwanted particles. In some cases, it is also used to separate good quality seeds from damaged seeds since damaged seeds are typically lighter.

Applying high-pressure air to remove dust, straw and husk from your seeds

The CAM-4010 Seed Blower from Seed Processing Holland is a seed separation system that uses an air blower to remove dust, husks, straw and empty seeds. The machine is suitable for use in breeding stations (R&D stations). The unit is equipped with a removable inlet cup for the seeds and a glass air column where the separation takes place. At the bottom of the system is a blower motor that supplies accurate variable ventilation speed to blow the light particles from the inlet cup to a separate container. The system also features a timer function that can be set for each process. This unit is applicable for seeds such as celery, lettuce, cabbage, and large seeds like squash and soy. The system is equipped with wheels for ease of movement. Processing time per lot is approximately 1 minute (filling, cleaning product, cleaning machine).


  • Huge time savings in your daily operations
  • Quick cleaning in between lots to avoid contamination
  • Applicable for small and large seeds
  • Less supervision with timer function
  • Easy to move around due to attached wheels
  • Capacity of 100 grams – 1 kg per batch