Restricted-access barrier systems

Create a physical barrier between the operator and the product. More flexible than an isolator, a RABS is open, in most cases, so the air flows freely out of the RABS and into the surrounding room.

Protect the product from contamination without losing access to the process

The RABS from Telstar Life-Sciences provide protection by delivering an aerodynamic barrier over a critical process zone and bio-decontamination is usually manual. RABS when installed in ISO 7 environments already have a good class of cleanroom air therefore the RABS can provide ISO 5 in the critical zone.

Because RABS are being used more and more in aseptic processing they have developed to an extent where there are various types, such as the Closed RABS (cRABS), which consists in air passing through the critical zone, and it is filtered before it spills into the cleanroom or is recirculated back through the supply filters of the RABS.


  • Simplicity in design with 304/316L stainless steel Frame
  • Fully opening vision panels in 10mm toughened safety glass or laminated glass
  • Uni-directional downward laminar flow over the whole area of the RABS at 0.45m/sec +/- 20% provided by either micro-perforated
  •  grill or polyester air distribution screen
  • Pressure monitoring of filter differentials using 'magnehelic' pressure gauge
  • Automated air velocity control to compensate for filter burden

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