R&D shaker mixer for battery powders and chemicals

Material heterogeneity, agglomeration, and contamination are key parameters to control when dry mixing battery powders.

Delivers high-quality homogeneous compounds

TURBULA® from WAB-GROUP® is a 3D shaker mixer specially designed for uniform mixing of powdery substances with varying particle sizes and specific weights. It can accommodate both wet and dry components or different wet ingredients.

The unique three-dimensional movement involving rotation, translation, and inversion is designed per the Schatz geometric theory. It sets the mixing container into a constantly changing, rhythmically pulsing motion, exposing the chemical product to dynamic and homogeneous mixing. Various configurations of the 3D shaker mixer can accommodate container volumes from 0.1-55 liters, making them well-suited for diverse industries from battery manufacturing, research and development, to chemical plants.


  • Contamination-free, enclosed mixing
  • High mixing efficiency ensures gentle mixing in less time
  • Simple operation with quick container changes through an accessible container holder
  • Easy to clean with a hygienic dust-free production process