Pilot freeze dryer for scale up

Designed for biological, pharmaceutical and food products formulation and “scale up” work.

Best performance for technology transfer activities and work in advanced R&D Centers

The LyoBeta from Telstar Life-Sciences is a freeze drying unit for biological, pharmaceutical and food products formulation and “scale up” work, facilitating transfer technology to the R&D centers and production. It is a high performance unit with a GLP design that allows for performing the entire freeze drying process fully automatically as well as accurately monitoring it. Very easy to clean, stainless steel chamber, condenser and plates; includes industrial components, such as sensors, vacuum pump, exchangers, etc.

Some of the most common applications are production in pilot plants, functional food research, preservation of diagnosis kits, small batches for clinical trials and so on.


  • Flexible use: with a touch screen user interface
  • Reliable operation: non-proprietary control system via PLC (Siemens)
  • Flexible use: high capacity for working with bulk materials, option to attach manifolds
  • Results reliability: temperature uniformity (shelf flatness, high quality components, upper radiation shelf), shelf heating and cooling rates (1 ºC/min), etc.
  • Easy recipe development: quality and adaptation of the temperature sensors (shelf, product and condenser) and vacuum. Temperature, pressure and time control system

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