Negative pressure isolator

Used for products biologically hazardous, that also require minimized cross contamination.

Start working with hazardous substances thanks to this perfectly adapted device

The Cytolator from Telstar Life-Science is a negative-pressure isolator, which works providing laminar airflow within the working chamber while ensures a minimum of cross contamination. The Cytolator main chamber pressure (vs. ambient) is negative to the room. Both the main chamber and pass-through are always negative to the room, and provide protection to the product, user and environment.

An additional third HEPA H14 prefiltration stage right below the workbench adapts the isolator to the requirements in the manipulation of hazardous substances like the preparation of cytotoxic medicines as prescribed in some countries recommendations.


  • Microprocessor air flow control equipped with one sensor
  • Front window placed under a small angle for ergonomics, easily removed for maintenance
  • Stainless steel dripping tray underneath the air grids to remove spoil liquids
  • Glove systems (2 or 4), portsØ250 mm, with cuff ring system and latex gloves
  • Lighting unit constructed outside the working area, lighting level > 1000 lux