Mixer for aeration of confectionery and bakery products

Aerated products can be difficult to mix thoroughly without reducing the volume of air in the mixture, leading to inferior quality. By using a dedicated high specification mixer with precision control of temperature and air/nitrogen injection, the highest product quality can be achieved in products like ganaches, mousses, creams and marshmallows.

Continuous aerating mixer for increased product volume and improved structure

The Tonelli Continuous Aerating Mixer – CAM is precision-engineered to increase the quality of aerated product mixes through it’s new features.

The vertical construction allows for optimal feeding into the aeration head, whilst the mixing heads can be easily swapped out to ensure the optimum size for each product type.

The mixing stator is fully jacketed, allowing for precise temperature control and therefore product quality via forced water cooling.

For high strength and maximum hygiene, mixing rotors and stator are machined from solid stainless steel, with no joints or welds. As well as ease of cleaning, this construction offers the maximum strength for long component life and minimal maintenance downtime.

Advanced control features of the Tonelli CAM allow for the production of complex or specialist products. For example, liquid ingredients can be injected straight into the aerating head, or liquids or solids can be injected downstream with no impact on the aeration quality (for example,food colourings, jellies, etc). CAM has also been designed to allow highly accurate control of air/nitrogen injection and product temperature, giving you complete control over product quality.


  • Flexible technology means efficient use with a range of products
  • Easy to clean, and simple access to components for maintenance minimises downtime
  • Highly accurate control of aeration, temperature and ingredients injection for the highest quality
  • Easily add colourings, suspended solids, etc, for advanced product designs without impacting quality of aeration