Microbiological safety cabinet class II

This handy device offers the most advanced features in product-operator protection and user-friendly ergonomics to allow best working conditions and results.

Protect to the operator, product/materials and environment under class II conditions

BioULTRA from Telstar Life-Science is a top range class II cabinet aimed to provide protection to the operator, product/materials and environment. It is certified according to European Standard EN 12469 and also meets NSF 49 (class II type A2 /B3) and BS 5726:2005 main requirements. It is suitable for handling pathogenic agents of levels 1, 2 and 3 in the fields of pharmaceutical, academic research centers, biotechnology, hospital and medical labs, QA control labs.

Motorized sash window with inflatable gasket, filter clogging calculation and a simplified fumigation process minimize maintenance cost and time.

Remote PC Ultra logger control suitable for P3 lab.


  • Self-compensation for the clogging of filters optimizes filter use and minimizes service
  • Comfortable stress free work for several hours is possible thanks to the sound level of the cabinet being below 58 dBA, several times lower than the limit requested by the standard (65 dBA)
  • Stable and ergonomic support stand designed with a large working space to accommodate a wide variation of operating positions
  • Single piece work chamber with round corners allows easy cleaning
  • Filters are easily accessible from the front of cabinet using a unique fast lightening/untightening device, reducing the time required to replace the filters to five minutes

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