Capping Machine for Jars

In production lines that involve sterilization processes, jars that are not properly capped may explode as the temperature rises over 100 °C during sterilization. This not only results in a waste of material but also in having to do the packaging step all over again. Capping jars or other bottled products with the right amount of torque is necessary to ensure proper sealing and no leakage which leads to less product waste.

Cap up to 600 pieces per hour with twist-off bottle caps

The stainless steel Jar Capping Machine from Frigojollinox is a semi automatic bench pneumatic bottle cap machine for containers with twist-off or plastic screw caps. This heavy duty piece of equipment features an adjustable capping head height of up to 330mm. This means that it can work on bottles of various different sizes. As long as the height is no more than 330mm. This makes the unit the perfect asset for any type of production, process or system where capping would be necessary.

Torque applied during the process can be set up to 11Nm and the spindle rotation speed can also be adjusted according to the requirements. The system has an adjustable locking system by means of a pneumatic piston and a magnetic spindle that can hold the twist-off lids in place. The magnetic spindle is made on the cap diameter and is provided in 2 sizes of the customer’s choice. Production capacity can go as high as 600 pcs/ hour at high speed. This machine will cap your products with efficiency and reliability. Thus, leading to less wasted resources and in quicker time than most other machines out there.


  • Accurate and adjustable torque application
  • Can be applied with different types of twist-off caps
  • Adjustable height to accommodate different containers up to 330mm
  • High production capacity (up to 600 pcs/ hour)

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