Infrared rotating drum dryer

Traditional drying methods are often slow and can actively damage ingredients, reducing the final product quality. New infrared technology can enhance or replace traditional drying to increase throughput and improve ingredient and product quality.

Infrared drying solution to increase efficiency and improve product quality

The Kreyenborg FS-IRD uses cutting edge infrared technology and can act either as a standalone dryer or as a boost for your traditional convective unit. As a booster it can increase your capacity by up to 50%. When used as an end-dryer, products will be automatically sterilized and stock protected.

Infrared light instantly heats the product from the inside, driving moisture from the inside out in a gentle way that doesn’t damage the look, smell or taste of ingredients, even the most delicate. The gentle but constant tumbling motion is perfect for mixing of multiple ingredients, as well as ensuring even drying.

The Kreyenborg FS-IRD technology can dry products to a precise residual moisture value in minutes, rather than hours, preserving key characteristics like colour and flavour, as well as protein and vitamin structure. The use of infrared and lack of warm-up time means the FS-IRD is one of the most efficient drying methods available.

The FS-IRD can also be used to roast and coat products like nuts, seeds and spices, providing enormous flexibility.


  • More energy efficient than traditional options - reduce operating costs
  • Gentle, rapid drying of ingredients to an exact residual moisture level
  • Use as a booster or end-drying to enhance existing line operations
  • Organoleptic properties of the product are preserved
  • Sterilization, pasteurization, roasting, coating, drying and stock protection in one step

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