Industrial high shear mixer granulator for drug formation

It is rather difficult to successfully produce a pharmaceutical solid dosage forms with the desired properties such as size, morphology, hardness and friability. You need a solution that can transform fine heterogeneous powders into homogeneous blend of granules with bigger size and higher density in a short time and with repeatability. Wet granulation is carried out to convert fine and cohesive active ingredient and excipients, into more uniform, free-flowing granules that are optimised for downstream processing.

Achieve uniform particle size distribution for wet granulation

The High Shear Mixer Granulator from Romaco Tecpharm is configured to optimize the wet granulation process. It is used to turn a fine-powder heterogeneous mixture into a uniform granulation, with increased particle size and higher density.

The equipment offers you proper flow and compactness while having a shorter operational time. It can handle capacities ranging from 25 L to 1,400 L.The bottom impeller and the side chopper enables the intensive mixing in a short period of time. In addition, the equipment uses a synchronized system to avoid extrusion effect.

The high-shear granulator for drug formation processes the solid material down to the desired particle size, and the mixture is then pumped to the fluid bed dryer where the moisture is removed, leaving behind the granular product. During the process of wet granulation, the constituents of the oral solid dosage form blend are combined, along with agglutinative solution, to form granules with a homogenous composition.


  • No contact top cover
  • Counterflow pharma air to avoid cross contamination
  • Easy operation with recipe editing