Hygienic hand-operated iris valve

Hand-operated valves are required for the walls of clean rooms for glanding around cables, tubes or service pipes. They need to be strong yet gentle enough not to harm products and, where a high degree of cleanliness is vital, a regular strip down for cleaning is necessary.

Manually operate valve for easy control of powders and tablets

Mucon’s K Series hand-operated iris valve features a hygienic, fully moulded diaphragm in a quick release or traditional flange mounting body design to suit a variety of applications.

Bore sizes of 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm are available, with flange dimensions to DIN or ANSI patterns.

Rated for up to +1barg conveying pressure, the iris valves are able to handle material densities up to 1600 Kg / m³ and multi-notching is available for flow control.


  • Iris valves do not jam
  • Only the FDA approved diaphragm comes into contact with the product
  • Rapid disassembly with no tools required
  • Can be certified for ATEX Zone 21D

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