Hygienic automatic iris valve

In automated systems where controlled discharge of powders and bulk solids is required with a high degree of cleanliness, power operated valves need to be reliable and quick-cleaning. They must not jam, being strong enough to handle dense material flow without causing any damage to the product.

Remote, automatic and hygienic control of material flow

The Mucon K Series product range of pneumatic or electric actuated iris valves utilises patented design features and moulded diaphragm technology to balance the requirements of quick disconnect, quick cleaning and hygienic design with the need for reliability and control system integration.

With geared electric motor or geared air motor operation, the valves are available in quick release or bolt mounted options. They are able to handle material densities of up to 1600 Kg / m³ through bore sizes of 150mm or 200mm.

In the food and pharmaceutical industries, the soft diaphragm and gentle action of the iris valve prevents damage to product, thereby significantly reducing waste.


  • Iris valves do not jam
  • Only the FDA approved diaphragm comes into contact with the product
  • Can be used where product weighing or batching is needed
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance
  • Certified for ATEX 1D/2D categories

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