Horizontal paddle vacuum dryer

Agitated vacuum dryers can be difficult to clean which makes them unsuitable for multi-product applications. The presence of the agitator can make cleaning jobs tough resulting in production delays or compromised product quality.

Vacuum dry wet powders in an agitated paddle dryer

CosmoDry® System is an innovative, horizontal paddle vacuum dryer from Italvacuum. It features a concentric agitator fitted with a heated shaft that can be completely dismantled for easy internal cleaning, maintenance, and inspection. CosmoDry systems are ideal for drying of wet powders in the production of pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, cosmetics, food ingredients and additives. CosmoDry eliminates friction points to reduce mechanical and thermal stresses on the product. Designed for quick, easy and complete product unloading, CosmoDry is ideal for multi-product applications. It complies with the cGMP and ATEX regulations.


  • One dryer for multi-product applications due to easy cleaning
  • Convenient internal cleaning, maintenance and inspection due to easy-to-dismantle agitator
  • Improved product quality from reduced mechanical and thermal stresses
  • Complete unloading of product reduces wastage
  • Workplace safety from compliance with cGMP and ATEX safety standards and regulations

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