High Speed Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

Pre-made pouches can be problematic for traditional cam-driven mechanical HFS machines. This is because the grippers may not be able to exert enough pressure to hold pouches in place where a traditional walking beam is used, or to exert enough clamping force during a retort process. This can lead to higher rejection rates. A fully servo-controlled carousel system can offer perfect results while increasing throughput and reducing downtime associated with maintenance.

Reliable, High Speed filling of pre-made pouches

The Bossar BCS series of servo-controlled machines has been specifically engineered to offer improved accuracy when using ready-made pouches. Unique Bossar-designed clamps hold the pouches perfectly in place during the filling system, ensuring a perfect seal.

Empty pouches are loaded into a carousel cassette system that ensures the machine receives a constant supply of pouches, and that can be topped up manually at any time.

The carousel system means that far fewer moving mechanical parts are needed compared to traditional cam-driven machines. This reduces maintenance to a minimum as well as the downtime associated with repairs or parts replacement.

Offering a range of formats, the BCS series can fill pre-made pouches up to 300mm x 400mm and volumes up to 6,000cc. Product throughput of up to 120 pouches per minute is available.

Flexibility is ensured by an all-electronic format change procedure. Simply using the touch screen interface, an operator can initiate an automatic format change with a single press that will take just a few minutes, and without any manual input required.



  • Reduced maintenance downtime compared to mechanical systems
  • Extremely quick format change that is fully automatic
  • Up to 120 pouches per minute performance
  • Wide range of formats from 100mm x 100mm to 300mm x 400mm

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