Gravimetric powder microdosing 0.400 – 2 g

If you need to process high value food, pharmaceuticals or chemicals, there is no room for error when measuring. Having a reliable measuring equipment to measure small amounts of powders is crucial to maintain product quality. This is important to avoid incorrect testing results or poor product quality. An efficient and carefully calibrated measuring system is required by most of the relevant ISO standards and essential to achieve accurate results.

Increased efficiency and accuracy during microdosing

Alba’s Dosing System Micro allows fast and high precision dosing of free-flowing powders and granules, ensuring that dosing is no longer a bottleneck in the production process. It can be used as a stand-alone device or incorporated in programmable logic controlling systems. It is highly accurate, when dosing and storing small amounts of powders with a dosing capacity starting from 200 mg onwards.

The gravimetric powder microdosing 0.400 – 2 g is configured to handle challenging micro-ingredients while reducing wastage and increasing production. It has a modular design allowing great flexibility when it comes to specific process requirements. It is equipped with extremely precise dosing units making it highly efficient. These units can be used for precise powder dosing in processes that can allow a dosing time of 7 – 15 seconds. It keeps a constant check on the flow and weight of the material fed. Its adaptive control algorithm adjusts the frequency of the vibrating feeder.


  • Available as a standalone system
  • Very accurate for small doses
  • Modular design makes it versatile

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