GMP washer

In order to guarantee zero cross-contamination between production batches, the proper cleaning of all product-contacting machine parts involved is a vital step in pharmaceuticals production. A fully automated contact parts washer is the ideal solution to reduce the downtime associated with parts cleaning and to improve results. Moreover, it attracts a rapid return on investment thanks to reduced operator requirements and improved throughput.

Cost-saving parts cleaning solution with flexible options

The IWT Pharma 300 Series is a COP washing solution for a wide range of product contacting parts. Designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, it has been engineered to exceed all relevant standards including GAMP5, cGMP, ASME-BPE, ISPE baseline, and FDA (including 21CFR part 11).

Available in chamber sizes of 250, 500, and 1000 litre capacity, the 300 Series offers maximum flexibility thanks to offering 3 different water supplies, steam or electric water heating options, and a full GMP WFI rinse facility. Optional rinse water conductivity monitoring and HEPA filtered drying modules enable the 300 Series to deliver a complete cleaning and drying cycle in less time, reducing downtime between batches.

Full GMP and FDA compliance is assured, with batch reporting available via USB download and/or through the integrated printer unit. Enhanced cross-contamination features ensure no contact between cleaned parts exiting and contaminated parts entering the chamber. Ease of use for operators is achieved via the full colour touchscreen Siemens HMI, and up to 30 fully-customised washing programmes can be specified to suit a wide variety of parts of differing materials.

300 Series units include fully custom-designed and custom-made loading baskets tailored to your exact requirements. Engineers build each basket to optimise speed of filling with intuitive positioning for each item, maximum throughput while allowing full drainage, and the precise flushing of even the smallest or most hidden product contact areas.


  • Tailor-made loading baskets for maximum efficiency and perfect results
  • Up to 3 different water supplies and 2 different drain lines
  • Optional extras include HEPA filtration drying system and water conductivity monitoring
  • Full FDA and GMP compliance
  • Enhanced cross-contamination prevention systems