Fully Automated On-Line Sampling for Bioprocesses

Accurate sampling is a critical tool in the design and improvement of a large range of pharmaceutical bioprocesses. For maximum performance you need a robust and highly accurate automated sampling solution that delivers samples to your analysers 24/7 in real-time and can integrate with a large range of instrumentation.

Automated on-line sampler with increased reliability and ease of use

The Seg-Flow S3 from Flownamics is the latest generation in their line of automated samplers and has been built to deliver the perfect sampling solution for your most critical processes.

Designed for heavy-duty use, the Seg-Flow S3 has been engineered with increased robustness, featuring a highly durable powder-coated heavy-gauge steel construction. The integrated touchscreen GUI is bright and easy to use, with simple thumbnail navigation, and ideal for any lab environment. Bright LED lights offer “at a glance” status indication for easy monitoring.

Seg-Flow S3 offers complete flexibility to match your sampling needs. It can simultaneously sample from between one and eight vessels or process streams with cell-free or cell-containing samples, and then deliver to up to four analyzers or fraction collectors.

The S3 will automatically clean and/or sterilize the sample lines after every collection, removing cross-contamination risk entirely.

For process monitoring, the S3 can export data to any OPC-enabled DCS, PLC or PC, allowing easy performance data monitoring and analysis.

A wide range of feed control strategies can be programmed into the sampler, including setpoint and gravimetric. The S3 can control 2 feed pumps per vessel.


  • Highly reliable and easy to use sampler with rugged design for longevity
  • Very flexible - up to 8 vessel sampling and wide range of feed control programs
  • Built in touchscreen with thumbnail controls and excellent visibility, designed for the lab
  • Complete automatic cleaning and or sterilization after each sample run
  • Compatible with a wide range of instruments and OPC-based SCADA platforms