Flexible R&D wet agitator mill for cosmetics

Using nanoparticles in cosmetics requires precise control over material breakdown and distribution. You also have to keep material compatibility, temperature control, and high hygiene standards in mind.

Versatilely disperses particles in nano-cosmetic applications

DYNO®-MILL MULTI LAB (ML) from WAB-GROUP® is a flexible laboratory agitator bead mill, ideal for research and development and small-scale productions of cosmetics. It can accommodate varying grinding chamber sizes, material selection, and grinding technology. That in both, continuous and discontinuous operation. For the smallest applications, it is designed to use the finest grinding beads down to 0.1mm.

Discontinuous operation employs specially designed 0.15 l and 0.3 l grinding vessels to process low-viscosity suspensions in batch sizes of 85 ml and 170 ml, respectively. Continuous operation is suited to handle highly fluid to viscous, pumpable products. There, grinding containers of 0.15, 0.3, 0.6, and 1.4 l volumes are available to process batch sizes exceeding 500 ml. The use of high-quality ceramic components like SiC, and ZrO2 assures no metal contamination and thereby, a long service life. It offers variability with two grinding principles in one mill: the DYNO® agitator disc and the patented DYNO®-ACCELERATOR.


  • A coolable grinding container for temperature-sensitive products
  • Easy disassembling and reconfiguration
  • Ergonomic, GMP-compliant design, easy to clean
  • Guaranteed long service life