Entry-level starchless depositor for nutraceutical gummies

Manufacturing nutraceutical products such as vitamin gummies, CBD gummies, and supplements necessitates a hygienic production approach to prevent potential cross-contamination. Using starch depositing heightens the probability of starch particles compromising the product surroundings.

Deposit nutraceutical gummies hygienically by applying heat on contact surfaces

The OTC 400S NS Moulding, from Tanis, is a starchless depositing and moulding system specifically designed for handling nutraceuticals and gummies. The system features heated contact surfaces where the product mass passes to prevent the risk of pre-gelling. The machine is equipped with a closed-jacketed pump housing that keeps the dosing accurate. Moulds used in the system are made of top-quality hygienic and rigid polycarbonate material or an option to use silicon material. Controls for piston parameters such as piston speed, suck back, and stroke length can be adjusted through an intuitive HMI interface.


  • Production capacity of up to 3 moulds/ minute
  • Easy operation through intuitive PLC controls
  • Hygienic rigid plastic moulds
  • Minimal pre-gelling
  • Accuracy over total mould of 0.1 grams