Continuous high impact mixer

A high-impact mixer can help you to produce a homogeneous mixture when you are mixing powders and liquids of different viscosities. High impact mixers are often used the production of detergents, pesticides, water-soluble polymers, fine chemicals, veterinary/bulk pharmaceuticals, milk replacers, instant soups, beverages, and sauces.

Compact high impact mixer for large volumes

The Schugi® Flexomix from Hosokawa Micron is a high-impact mixer developed to achieve a highly homogeneous mixture of powders and liquids. It is unlike any other continuous mixer with its vertical cylindrical chamber and vertical rotating shaft and is capable of handling high volumes of product. Its high rotational speed and turbulent mixing keep the mixer chamber clean; it provides accurate dosing of both liquid and solid components and is suitable for even the stickiest of media. Liquids of varying viscosity and steam can be added using atomizing nozzles mounted to the upper part of the chamber just above the upper mixing blades.



  • Very high mixing accuracy (excellent homogenized product)
  • Self-cleaning (flexible) mixing chamber
  • The Vertical continuous mixer and agglomerator can operate with minimal operator intervention
  • Less than 10% product in mixer
  • High throughput for its size