Cake batter and cream depositing machine

Whether you’re making muffins or cupcakes, you need just the right amount of batter and cream to allow it to bake and expand. However, if a depositing machine is not precise, the muffins will come out uneven and with different shapes. In addition, this will produce a waste of material.

Deposit your cake batter accurately through a volumetric piston depositor

The TT Italy Cake Batter and Cream Depositing Machine uses multiple steps for the preparation of baked goods. A denester separates the cups through an air blowing and suction system, then places them either into trays or on the conveyor.
A volumetric piston depositor will dispense the proper amount of batter in the baking cups or trays. The conveyor will ensure the proper spacing and placement of all items in the production process. All items then move through a baking section and then through a cooling section.
The effort continues with a volumetric piston injector that adds fillings, liquids, and other aerated items to the cakes. A depanning machine then moves the cakes to a separate conveyor, where a robot decorator will add toppings.


  • The cyclothermic oven controls internal moisture while baking
  • The dosing nozzles can be adjusted based on width and how much filling is needed
  • Bakes products in about seven minutes on a twenty-meter-long layout
  • Supports below-oven and overhead cooling functions
  • Supports transversal and ultrasonic cutting