Biosafety cabinet class II for cytotoxic medicines

For the manipulation of hazardous substances utilized during the preparation of cytotoxic medicines as prescribed in several European countries.

Ideal class II configuration for reinforced biosafety and maintenance cost savings

The CytoUltra from Telstar Life-Science has 3 filters, which third HEPA filter set below the work bench of CytoUltra traps the contaminants thus preventing them from reaching the plenum, the main HEPA filter and the HEPA exhaust filter, such reinforced safety is required for the handling of highly toxic compounds.

Certified EN 12469 Class II and DIN 12980 for Cytotoxics, CytoUltra offers the most advanced features in product and operator protection and in ergonomics to allow best working conditions.

Third HEPA filter stage easily replaced in the unit basement and filter clogging calculation minimize maintenance cost and time. Remote PC Ultra logger control is suitable for P3 lab.


  • Third filter stage eliminates contamination risks when servicing the unit
  • Filter replacement process possible without decontamination
  • Turbo exhaust function key to increase operator protection
  • UV sterilization cycle timer
  • Window internal side accessible for cleaning without the need of a tool