Biological safety cabinet class III

Specially designed for the handling of microbiological agents, when working with indigenous or exotic pathogenic agents that pose a moderately high risk of serious or potentially lethal disease to the operator when inhaled.

Offering Class III biological safety to operator, product and environment

The Biological safety cabinet class III from Telstar Life-Science is a laboratory isolator designed according EN 12469, offering an ergonomically designed totally sealed which keep the user completely separated from the product by a physical barrier when total containment and user protection is required.

Series MSC III is a completely gastight cabinet. The dangerous biological agents enter the work area by a hatch, the operator uses gloves (assembled to the front of the cabinet) to research the biological agents. While working, potential contaminated air is controlled by airflow and negative air pressure.


  • Microprocessor air flow control
  • Lighting unit constructed outside the working area, lightning level 800 lux
  • Inlet HEPA with an efficiency of 99,95%
  • Exhaust HEPA filter with an efficiency of 99,97%
  • Pre-filter construction at the inlet HEPA and the exhaust HEPA

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