Big bag discharger

Big bags offer suitable material handling for powder products from pharma and food ingredients to bulk and toxic materials. But the filling operation is a crucial step, and the process must ensure dust-free unloading that prevents bridging. Moreover, the technology has to adapt to other systems in the line.

Modular big bag discharge station suitable for multiple process conditions and materials

Big Bag Discharge from Dec Group is a discharging station that can either be installed as a stand-alone station or integrated into a processing line. The technology is designed to facilitate the flow of challenging feeds, including sticky powders and materials prone to bridging.

The Big Bag Discharge system provides complete dust removal before disconnecting, ensuring the hygienic and safe discharge of materials. Moreover, the module has a high containment rate, keeping hazardous powders from being released into the plant.

As a modular station, the system can be adapted for either bottom or top discharge. The flow is gravity-assisted, and the station permits active emptying through a powder transfer system.


  • Adjustable to multiple toxicity levels
  • Adaptable to sticky materials
  • Prevents bridging
  • Complete dust evacuation
  • Modular design

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