Basket extruder

Low pressure extrusion for the production of slightly dispersed dust-free granulates. For shingled, highly porous granulates with good dispersal properties. With the basket extruder the material is compressed with an extrusion rotor with a perforating die.

Gentle pressure for granulates with a loose structure and large surface area

With the Bextruder BX from Hosokawa Alpine, the product is gently pressed to granulate with a loose structure and large surface area.

In the product chamber of the Bextruder two rotors operate in counter rotation. The upper rotor ensures good mixture and carries the material downwards. The lower extrusion rotor compresses the material and extrudes it through the screen basket.

The Bextruder is often used in pellets with a porous structure and large surface area, easily dispersible granulate, drinks powder, sauces and soups, detergent, pesticides and so on.


  • Screen basket quickly changed
  • Nozzle diameter of 0.5 - 3 mm
  • All parts easily accesible
  • Gently pressure

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