Bag holder and weighing platform for bioprocesses

Single use bags for biopharmaceutical process containment and liquid storage are being used with increasing frequency in the industry due to their convenience, efficiency, and inherent cleanliness.  Integration of single use bags into biopharmaceutical processes is a great way to reduce required maintenance, and improve the versatility of equipment without increasing risk of cross contamination.

A mobile, vertical bag holder with integrated scale compatible with bags from any manufacturer

Scilog is focused on improving the quality and efficiency of customers’ processes in the biopharmaceutical industry through enhancements and automation of sensing, filtration and other processing needs. The company’s WeighStation system is a wheeled bag stand that works with single use bags from any manufacturer.  The system includes integrated load cells and local display which allow it to be used as a stand-alone scale or to be integrated into other Scilog processing platforms for metered dispensing and purification.  The system has a minimized footprint and superior mobility when compared to a traditional floor scale.  The mobility and use of single use bags allow this piece of equipment to support several processes in your facility rather than being dedicated to just one.


  • Compatible with bags from any manufacturer
  • Single use bags avoid risk of cross contamination while using holder across different platforms
  • Integrated load-cells for local weighing or integrated process monitoring with other equipment
  • Retentate and permeate quantification for TFF processes
  • Mobile platform makes the system useful in transfer of bioreactor contents