Automatic bottling machine for beverage

One of the biggest challenges when bottling beverage drinks is that many of the bottles are of different sizes. This often means that the bottle openings range in thickness or size make the bottling process difficult to achieve. Thus, you need a fast, hygienic, and accurate solution to bottle beverage drinks that have a range of different characteristics.

Automatic system for filling and capping bottles and rigid containers

The RF-25 8/4 by Dosimaq is the perfect solution for filling and capping bottles and rigid containers with narrow mouths for liquids and beverages such as juice and milk.

With the help of an intermittent rotary unit with a star plate with 8 dedicated stations for container movement powered by a conveyor for pulling the containers into the star plate, this system can comfortably fill up to 2,000 containers per hour.

Moreover, the unit is equipped with 4 pumps and impulse generators allowing the operator to select dose size from the touch screen control panel attached to the system.

In the case of filling bottles with sparkling liquids, the automatic nozzle elevation system can be adjusted to fill the bottom of the container in order to preserve product quality and prevent fizz and spillage of the product on the conveyor.

Furthermore, the unit facilitates 4 independent anti-drip nozzles for liquid products with easy-install washing collectors, making the cleaning of the unit easier.


  • Perfect for doses of up to 5,000 cc
  • Easily fulfil up to 2,000 containers per hour
  • Suitable for sparkling products
  • Ideal solution for filling and capping bottles and rigid containers