Aseptic filling machine for liquids and powders

Aseptic filling of containers such as vials, syringes, bottles, and cartridges is required in pharmaceutical industries to ensure minimal risk of contamination caused by different microorganisms. This helps avoid product defects that may also lead to consumer health and safety concerns. Precise filling for each type of container should also be addressed to maximize yield while minimizing waste.

Tailor-made aseptic filling of vials, bottles, and syringes

The DecFill from Dec offers an automated aseptic system solution for various filling processes in production lines of different capacities. The system is specifically designed for the required application of filling products whether in liquid or powder form. It can also be configured to handle different containers such as vials, syringes, bottles, cartridges, and even special containers like Dual Chamber Syringes (DCS). The system can be built with all the required modules for an easy format changeover with minimum impact on production capacity. Through its tailor-made design, the filling process is more accurate and prevents overfilling or spilling, leading to increased production and less product waste. Other features that can be added to the system include stopper, cap, and needle placement of tubes and syringes.


  • Can handle different containers (vials, syringes, bottles, cartridges, DCS)
  • Accurate filling (Less product waste)
  • Tailor-made design (specific to customer’s process requirements)
  • cGMP compliant