Air knife system for bottling lines

Wet containers are unacceptable and can be problematic in the food and beverage industry.  A solution is needed to prevent the slipping or distortion of labels and dry surfaces where the production data is printed. As a result, there is a demand for a drying solution that makes production lines run faster, occupies less space, is cleaner, has more flexibility, and operates efficiently than ever before, making it ideal for products or packaging demands.

Save costs while efficiently and sustainably drying containers

Petek Proces’s Air Knife Drying System is configured as a monobloc system that can be integrated as a self-standing construction in your bottling line. It efficiently removes dust and moisture from a surface using a system of air knives and high-speed centrifugal blowers. It guarantees to provide you with sufficient quality and air pressure. It is powered by an electrical engine assembled with a high-speed centrifugal blower directly to the motor shaft, not belt-driven. Its electrical motor is equipped with a frequency controller, which enables precise setting of flow rate and air pressure depending on your containers and capacities. On the suction side, a filter is placed for the rough filtration of the air before entering into the blower.

The blower is installed inside a noise-proof box. Its state-of-the-art design makes it completely isolated, which allows it to work more quietly while also being more user and environmentally friendly.

The single line conveyor belt is an important part of the air knife system for the bottling line. Input and Output openings can be tailored according to your content type or adjusted to your site’s existing conveyor concept.


  • A powerful and precise airflow over wide areas
  • Highly efficient, giving more air with less power
  • Relatively low maintenance costs