Aerator for low-viscosity media

Many industrial processes and products require a consistent foam with very particular and tightly controlled characteristics.  From food products to carpet and chemical production, the production of a consistent aerated substrate is essential to product quality.  To ensure reliable foam production, equipment is needed with automatic gas dosing, displayed density levels, and other features specifically tailored to your particular process.

Accurately mix and aerate a wide variety of food and non-food ingredients.

The Eco-Mix from Hansa Mixer is an aerator for low-viscosity media. It comes in two distinct variants, one for the food industry, and one for non-food industries such as plastics and chemicals processing. The aerators are essentially the same as the food industry variant including design options for compliance with food industry standards and regulations.  Eco-Mix is a mixing and aerating/frothing system for pumpable liquids designed for flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency. Many options exist for the integration of unique mixing heads, flow sensors, cleaning systems, seals, control systems, and monitors.  The systems provide automatic gas dosing precisely conforming to your recipe.  Air volume/foam weight are digitally displayed.  Provisions for additional external pumps and lines are also provided



  • Variant for full compliance with food production hygiene standards as well as for general industry
  • Output capacities available from 20 to 1,200 Kg per hour depending on the particular model
  • Product-specific shaft seals
  • High-grade basic equipment with automated computer processor-controlled regulation of air volum
  • Uniform foam density assured by automatic gas dosing

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