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Pelleting machine

Pelleting machine

Form pellets with the uniform length for a dust-free, cylindrical granulate, pellets with smooth surface and…

Basket extruder

Basket extruder

Low pressure extrusion for the production of slightly dispersed dust-free granulates. For shingled, highly poro…

a pellet hardness tester

Pellet hardness tester

Control the quality of your pelletizing processes using a pellet hardness tester. Pellet hardness is on…

Pelleting press with overhead drive

Pelleting press with overhead drive

Production of certain pelletized products requires working with output products of a pas…

a pellet mill to produce wood, food and feed pellets

Industrial pellet mill

At the industrial level, the application areas of pellets range widely in fields such as feeds, biomass…

complete production line to make wood and food pellets

Complete pellet line

Large industries are shifting towards more environment-friendly technology, such as recycling wastes and …

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