Weight fillers for viscous liquids

When filling valuable viscous liquids and precision is paramount or when wanting to fill large containers, automatic weight filling machines can be a good solution.

Fill with electronic weight filling technology

The Libra range of OCME Automatic Weight fillers for viscous liquids fills containers from 0,05 up to 200 liters:

The Libra R5 Range fills 0,05 to 5 liter bottles or tins made of plastic, glass or metal. Output speeds range between 3.600 and 60.000 containers/hour.

The Libra R30 Range fills plastic or metal pails with a volume ranging from 10 to 30 liters, with output speeds between 300 and 1.500 containers/hour.

The Libra LT Range fills pails/drums from 60 and 200 liters, with output speeds between 30 and 150 containers /hour.


  • Integrated capping machine capable of handling all styles of caps
  • Extremely accurate weight control to minimize wastage
  • Nozzle design to suit application ensuring precise cut-off
  • Rapid changeover features
  • Remote diagnostics and assistance available