Waste minimization weight sorter for tablets & capsules

For medium scale production, you can improve line efficiency and reduce setup costs by opting for a fully flexible weight sorter that can handle a wide variety of dosage shapes and sizes without modification or parts changes. By minimizing wastage of valuable product you can see an even quicker return on investment.

High precision weight sorter that saves money through reduced product waste

The SADE SP240 from CI Precision is a highly accurate, easy to operate and fully flexible solid dosage weight checker for use in larger-scale production environments. Featuring 2 60 litre hoppers and 2 weighing channels for bulk operations at up to 9,000 units per hour and an easy-to-use operator interface, the SADE SP240 is accurate to within +/- 1mg.

The unit has the ability to reclaim “good” items from a weight-rejected batch, saving valuable product and producing less waste. For record-keeping, the unit saves all sort operations and can print reports direct to a printer or send data to a PC for further analysis. A secure access system limits control operation only to authorised personnel.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the SADE SP240 can handle a wide range of tablets and capsules, switching between them with no requirement for changing physical parts to accommodate different dose types. The SADE is able to weigh tablets up to 20mm x 24mm, and capsules from 5 through to 00 size (larger sizes may be accommodated). The machine is also able to be quickly and easily dismantled for cleaning and sanitizing.


  • Reclaims weight-rejected product, reduces wastage
  • Sorts a variety of doses without downtime for parts change
  • Suitable for continuous operation at up to 210,000 units per 24 hours
  • GMP design, all contact components stainless steel or PEEK
  • Highly accurate CI Precision balance