Washing cabinet for food bulk containers

With an ever-increasing demand for output and stricter hygiene regulations for food manufacturers, manually washing bulk containers and utensils is no longer an adequate solution. Thus, a fully automatic washing system can help increase production efficiency and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, while reducing the need for human intervention and minimizing water expenditure.

Cost-effective washing system for food storage containers and utensils

The LCF by Velox Barchitta has been developed to meet the sanitary needs of businesses from a range of different industries that operate with bulky objects by providing the highest cleaning standards. The models in the LCF series can be used across a variety of industries ranging from restaurants to bakeries and meat production facilities. This washing system allows to carefully wash and sanitize utensils to meet the requirements for hygiene standards and avoid cross-contamination.

The models in the LCF series range from washing basket capacity of 830-910mm to 1630-1010 and tank capacity varying from 90 – 170L. Thus, the flexibility provided by the 4 different models in the LCF Series means that containers from a range of different sizes and shapes can be processed by the same unit. This can help achieve the best efficiency and highest output for your sanitary requirements while cutting down on washing costs.

The LCF 1500 model is available in the passing through version with lateral tables LCF 1500 3P in three models; LCF 1500 3 P STD, standard with plastic washing pumps, LCF 1500 3P 4K, double walled insulated structure and two stainless steel 4kW washing pumps, height capacity mm 860, and LCF 1500 A 3P 4K same powerful but with height capacity 1050 mm.

The LCF systems make use of a special washing technology with rotating pressed inox steel arms integrated with powerful pressed water jets, which are placed on the upper and lower part of the objects that need to be washed. This way, the unit guarantees to reach every corner of the object that needs to be washed. Besides, water temperature is automatically regulated between 48 and 51°C to meet with the industry-standard washing regulations.

Being a fully automatic washing system, the models in the LCF series reduce handling, increase operator safety, and eliminate washing costs, while continuously maintaining industry cleaning performance.


  • Inox steel arms and powerful water jets ensure that every corner is washed
  • Fully compliant with international safety standards
  • No human intervention required

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