Versatile mobile pallet turner

Here is the versatile mobile pallet turner that completes the typical features of all mobile pharma machines. You are not at the wrong set, if you wish to change the pallet by two side pressers, runned by oleodynamic cylinders.

A pallet changer when working with steady and compact materials

The Dual Press from Toppy is highly beneficial because the operator has the possibility of changing the pallet with two side pressers. The process of pallet changing is a special one for this device and can be taken advantage of, especially when working with compact and steady materials, including drums and boxes. While the side pressers
hold the load, the lower forks are let come down to release the pallet.

Toppy Dual Press can be used in two different ways;  180° load-turning mode, for raw material packed in bags or bottles and side pressure (no turning) for finished products, like boxes or drums.

This model is realized with wide base of the legs, so that it is also possible to pick up pallets closed at the base (for instance, UK pallets).


  • Impressive lifting capacity i.e. 1000 kg
  • Maximum pallet size is 1,000 x 1,200 mm
  • Complies with the strictest European and American rules and pays special attention to the GMPs
  • Smooth surface and beveled shape assuring the utmost hygiene and cleanliness
  • Maximum possible height of the load is 1550 mm (pallet included)