Tunnel pasteurizer for beverage

In the beverage industry, beverages need to be pasteurized in order to destroy pathogens, and increase their shelf life while retaining their quality and freshness. A simple and energy efficient solution is required for the pasteurization of beverages when both the package and the product get pasteurized.

Efficient, reliable and economical pasteurizer for packaged beverages

Petek Proces’s Tunnel technology comprises of a tunnel pasteurizer, cooling tunnel, cooling tunnel with pasteurizing zone, and heating tunnel. The process involves taking cans or bottles filled with your beverage and running them through a hygienic stainless-steel tunnel where hot water is sprayed onto the finished product.

The tunnel pasteurizer for beverage, pours the liquid into bottles and cans, which are then moved into an enclosed conveyor. Heat exchange is then provided by recirculation of water inside a closed cycle by recuperating the energy through various, automatically controlled temperature zones. Its optimized nozzle system allows extremely good heat exchange between the water and your product.

Tunnel pasteurizing is a complex process, combining functions such as pasteurization, re-cooling and warming which consume a lot of energy. This solution comes with an in built central hot water unit along with a water saving system. Thus all excess water produced during the operation is collected in the pasteurizer saving both water and energy while maintaining high hygienic standards.

Tunnel pasteurization isn’t typically used with kegs because of their compact size. However, in comparison to flash pasteurization this process is not as cumbersome. Tunnel pasteurization does not require different processes and stages depending on the type of beverage. Therefore, it can be applied in the beer and beverage industry, fruit and vegetable processing, making sauces and jam etc.


  • Extremely efficient at inhibiting pathogens and microorganisms
  • Useful for bottled or canned beverages to be shipped
  • Allows rational water consumption
  • Smooth and safe feeding and emptying
  • Compact size for all solutions and space restrictions