Tumble dryer for granulated plastics

Vacuum drying at high temperatures is important in the production of granulated plastics. A continuous mixing action is necessary to produce a product that is uniform in size and moisture content.

Vacuum dry granular products with a gentle, tumble-mixing action

Italvacuum’s rotary cylindrical vacuum dryers are ideal for drying, mixing and condensation operations in the manufacture of granulated plastics including chips, beads, slices, pellets and scraps. These dryers produce high vacuum levels with high temperatures and are useful in the production of PET & PBT compounds, solid-state post-condensation and drying of plastic granules. The skewed cylindrical configuration ensures effective mixing and delivers a uniform product. They have a gentle mixing action that prevents mechanical shocks thus limiting the number of fine particulates. Tumble dryers have an easy to access design for easy cleaning and inspection. They are available in a wide range of capacities from 600-36,000 liters.


  • Improve product quality and reduce risk of explosion by eliminating oxygen from the drying process
  • Produce uniform product quality with the tumble mixing action
  • Reduce granule size variation with fewer fine particulates
  • Easy to inspect and clean
  • Choose the right size for your operation from a wide range

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