Stone mill for coffee beans

Traditional milling of coffee beans or seeds, with a stationary bedstone and a turning runner stone which actually does the grinding. It has a superior grinding capacity due to its especially engineered grinding stone mechanism.

Tradional milling of coffee beans or seeds

The stone mill for coffee beans developed by Toper R&D builds on ancient technology to provide a state-of-the art coffee grinding solution. Coffee beans, rice flour, cracked wheat, cracked corn, animal feed, spices and every kind of chemicals, are among the products this stone mill is able to grind to the highest standards.


  • Offers ideal solutions for breeders with their superior grinding capacity
  • Engine high power of 5.5 hp for the TD-30, 7.5 hp for the TD-40 and 10 hp for the TD-40, which in consequence
  • Ability to keep working under hard conditions