Stand-alone aggregation station

The aggregation of pharmaceutical products for tracking purposes is already compulsory in many countries and is expected to become even more widespread. Regardless of the legislation, logistical demands can also trigger a need for aggregation. For the aggregation of single pharmaceutical items into cases, camera systems and label printers need to be integrated into existing case packers. A modern aggregation unit that can operate as a standalone piece of equipment yet integrate directly with a serialization line provides maximum flexibility and complete traceability into the warehouse.

Aggregator for shipping cases or pallets with manual loading

The Amajoiner from Hicof is a semi-automatic aggregator that can be operated as a standalone unit or directly connected to a Hicof Amacoder serialization line, offering maximum flexibility.

The Amajoiner allows the aggregation of folding boxes into shipping cases by using an overhead high-resolution multi-code camera with an adjustable focus for scanning multiple packaging layers. The Amajoiner can work with a wide variety of shipping case sizes up to a maximum of 600mm x 400mm x 400mm. As well as aggregating product boxes into shipping cases, the Amajoiner can also further aggregate cases into pallets.

Hicof has considered operator ergonomics, as well as aggregation technology. The workspace height can be fully adjusted for comfort, including tilt of up to 40 degrees for easy loading, and to allow both seated and standing work positions. The carton is brought to the horizontal position for camera recording then returned to the packing position automatically. Due to a creative mechanical design and the use of cloud technologies the Amajoiner offers a class-leading low initial investment cost.

Fully portable thanks to high-quality castor wheels, the Amajoiner enjoys a compact size of only 1200mm x 1000mm by 2500mm total height. Other key features include a high-end industrial computer, 12MP camera with LED flash, a 200W linear axis for camera focus adjustment, in-built label printer for final shipping case labels, and a hand scanner.



  • Class-leading low investment cost
  • Integrated solution that allows completely standalone use, e.g. warehouse
  • Can be connected directly to Amacoder for small-scale lines
  • Easy operation, minimal training required, ergonomic design

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